Monday, August 27, 2007


I hate to admit it, but my trusty co-worker The Buddha Baker might have rabies. About a week ago she was bitten by a wild animal behind Tim Hortons. I wasn't working the night she was bitten; I only know the story that she told.

Apparently, The Buddha Baker had been trying to catch this little kitten out back for awhile because she has a friend that's a vet. The Buddha Baker's plan was to trap the kitten, call her veterinary friend, and create a better life for little kitten. This wasn't some off-the-cuff scheme either. Every since the little kitten started coming around The Buddha Baker has been feeding it (and it's mom) chicken breasts to try and build up a relationship.

Well, about a week ago the little kitten let down her guard. The Buddha Baker snuck in behind it and grabbed the little fluff ball. Unfortunately, The Buddha Baker forgot to take into account the fact that the little kitten isn't used to being handled and when she grabbed it it freaked out like a soccer mom the day after Thanksgiving. The little kitten clawed, scratched and bite The Buddha Baker.

Where the kitten lives - near the trash bin behind Tim Hortons - there also lives this really fat raccoon and a skunk. If the little kitten was bitten by either the raccoon or the skunk there is a chance that the little kitten contracted rabies and perhaps past it on to The Buddha Baker - bummer, man. That's a bummer.

The Buddha Baker is pretty distraught. She doesn't have health insurance, so she hasn't gotten a rabies' shot. I am starting to think that I may need to start some sort of fundraiser (with those fancy wristbands that everyone seems to be wearing for a good cause these days) to help save The Buddha Baker. Hopefully she just doesn't have rabies and everything will be easier on everyone. So let us all bow our heads and hope upon hope that The Buddha Baker doesn't start foaming at the mouth any time soon.

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Margaret said...

You're the donut doctor, can't you give her a shot? She could pay you in Tim Bits and life lessons.