Friday, August 24, 2007

sensible skinhead

I was hired in with The Sensible Skinhead about three weeks ago. When I first met this guy I thought, 'here's a guy I will be able to take some smoke breaks with and maybe even cut a couple corners - right on.' I was completely wrong. The Sensible Skinhead works harder than a character in a Horatio Alger Jr. novel, and that doesn't make me look too good.

On our first day, The Manager handed us both hairnets. I was just about to throw a fit when I looked over to see The Sensible Skinhead slide a hairnet over his bald head. Seriously? What happened to the stereotype of skinheads being anti-authority? Not only should The Sensible Skinhead be anti-authority, but since he doesn't have any hair maybe he should have put up some resistance; instead, he slides one on without a word. My argument was now debunk. Thanks a lot, Sensible Skinhead.

The Sensible Skinhead is also constantly telling me how quickly he is learning everything. For example, when I told The Sensible Skinhead the other night that I would be baking, he informed me that he's "pretty much got baking down." And for a kicker, he informed me that he could "help me out if I didn't know how to do something." Thanks a lot, Sensible Skinhead.

Lately, The Sensible Skinhead has been telling all the girls that we work with about his new kitten. "It's all black, so I named it Midnight and I just love it." I am pretty sure that The Sensible Skinhead is not gay and he doesn't have cancer, so he needs to start talking about Pit Bulls and The Buzzcocks, or grow his hair out.

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