Wednesday, December 19, 2007

mundane manager is a moron

A couple weeks back most to the Tim Horton's employees - not me - put up all these Christmas decorations around the store. Wipe-off paint on the windows - Snowmen, Merry Christmas, all that jazz, as they say. We have a plastic tree, too.

Well,the problem is the fake fuckin' snow. You know how hard it is to sweep up fake fuckin' snow? Well, harder than getting the Buddha Baker to do work, which is tough as hell.

Of course, My Mundane Manager thinks that the fake fuckin' snow is "very cute" and "is a nice holiday touch." The kiddies like to throw it around all day in the lobby. The fake fuckin' snow mixes nicely with all the salt, melted snow and smashed Timbits, too. So nice, that I want to throw the broom through Frosty The Snowman on window every time it's time to sweep.

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