Monday, December 17, 2007

sensible skinhead (not so sensible, lately)

I was working with The Sensible Skinhead when we got really busy around 11 p.m. I turned to The Sensible Skinhead and asked him to make a turkey bacon club for me.

"No fuckin' way. I'm going to walk out of this hellhole," he says to me, then returns to his cell phone with more foul language.

"All right, I'm not going to make that turkey bacon club and somebody is going to have to. And if you walk out, so will I."

Apparently, The Mundane Manager cut down The Sensible Skinhead's hours, so he decided to throw a little fit to me - not The Mundane Manager - but the problem with his little temper tantrum was it had no bite to it.

He can't quit. The Sensible Skinhead is on parole and one of the only ways to get off of parole is to hold a job.

He made the sandwich. He didn't walk out, but he kept talking about walking out all night. If we were in jail together I would of had to of kicked his ass.

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