Wednesday, October 10, 2007

no pockets

No Pockets! There are no pockets in the Tim Hortons' uniform. What does this mean? Tim Hortons doesn't trust its workers in the least bit and is implying that we are lazy. I have been meaning to write about this for awhile because it is a travesty, a sham, and a mockery - a Traveshamockery!

No pockets on our corny khaki pants. No breast pockets on our fluffy shirts. I am surprised they let us wear socks. I am always thinking about stuffing a few twenties, a Boston Creme and a couple Timbits in my socks. They would never know. Oh wait, there are cameras scrannin every inch of the store, so I might get caught.

You may be thinking that there is no reason for the Tim Hortons' employee to have pockets. What's the use? Well, I'll tell you: pockets make me feel like a normal human-being. Every since I started wearing pants they have always had pockets. Even my baby clothes had pockets. I've gotten used to having pockets. I like them. I don't always keep stuff in my pockets, but I like the option. I don't always have my hands in my pockets, but I like the option.

Every time I reach down to put my hands in my pockets and there are no pockets I get a little bit pissed, and sometimes my outrage builds up and I take it out on the customers. I don't mean to take my rage out on the customers, but it just happens because I miss my pockets. If Tim Hortons didn't trust me so much then they shouldn't have hired me. They shouldn't hire anyone that they can't trust to have pockets.

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michelleimperfect said...

Haha, oh my god, I used to work at Tims and I know exactly what you mean. Your blog makes me chuckle a fair bit. Pockets are a necessity, and we are denied it.