Thursday, November 1, 2007

hit my peak

While working the other night, I realized something: I have hit my peak of knowledge concerning Tim Hortons' worker skills. I will never, or have had any desire to, learn how to type in a meal combo on the register. It's too much work. I just give customers the senior discount when they order a combo because it is easier to type in. Does it work out price wise? I have no idea.

I don't think that I have or ever will give the bathrooms the proper scrub down that they desire. I was taught how to scrub the insides of toilets and urinals properly, but I figure that after enough flushes the nastiness will eventually go away without proper cleaning. Right? Ah, who cares?

Also, I don't ever want to bake, or learn how. I work the front, period. I have never baked on my own for muliple reasons. One: all of the donut, bagel, mufflin, etc. boxes are color coded. I'm colorblind. Two: Every time I walk into the freezer, which is usually set around 15 below zero, I feel like I am going to throw-up. All that super cold air rushes into my lungs and makes me feel ill. You might call me a pansy because I hate the super cold air in the freezer - whatever. Judge me. That's why I write this blog.

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Margaret said...

Did you hit your peak with the ol' blog, too? Only one post in November,and it looks so sad and lonely. Don't disappoint your adoring fans.