Tuesday, November 27, 2007

sex offer?

This lady's voice comes through the intercom around 2 a.m. She sounds British. She orders a tea. Yep, she is.

"Any sugar with that, lady?" I ask her.

She takes the hot tea from my hand, pauses, and looks me over. I feel like an object. "No, thanks, honey," she says. "I'm already too sweet."

I take her money, close the window and gather up her change. I can feel her stare. I hand her back a couple pennies and a quarter.

"But I'm not always sweet," she says.

The Sensible Skinhead walks behind me. The British chick, who looks to be about 40, notices him. "Oh, you aren't alone," she says. "I thought you might have been alone."

She drives off.


Katie said...

I will take your suggestions into consideration, though ethics dictate that I only swear unprofessionally in a spontaneous way; setting up that shot would just be wrong.

Margaret said...

Comments on a blog should be about the blog, not a response to a comment on another blog. Maybe you need to learn a little more about blog ethics.

Katie said...

Isn't YOUR response to an unrelated blog comment just as unrelated to the original blog, and therefore just as inappropriate? Hmmm. . . someone seems to be caught in their own holier-than-thou web.

Doctor Donut said...

Yeah, what about my sex offer? Comments?

Margaret said...

You'd probably get more offers if you updated the blog more.