Tuesday, January 8, 2008

courtesy patrol van

One of those Courtesy Patrol Vans rolled up to the drive-thru window. The guy inside had ordered a large double-double.

"Can you put a sleeve on that," said the dude, then he handed me his money. "Wait, is the coffee hot?"

"Yeah, it's kind of hot," I said. Now, I said, "kind of hot," because there were two creams in it. Black coffee is really hot. A double-double is "kind of hot."

"No, never mind," he said. "I want my money back."

"Really? The coffee is fresh. I just..."

"Give me my money," he interrupted, then reached for his money that was still in my hand. "The last couple of times that I have been to Tim Hortons the coffee hasn't been hot. Give me my money. My coffee has to be hot and I am in a hurry. Now, give me my money."

"You aren't very nice," I said, then handed him back his money. My comment stunned The Courtesy Patrol Van dude, so he didn't start yelling at me until I had already closed the window and was waving goodbye to him.

It is now possible, and kind of likely, that The Mundane Manager will receive a phone call from The Courtesy Patrol Van dude in the near future.

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