Wednesday, January 16, 2008

lousy pants

When I started six months ago The Mundane Manager handed me a pair of Tim Horton's pants that smelled like a lingering fart in a musty basement. The pants didn't have a button above the zipper, either.

The smell is a little better after many washes, but the button is still missing.

And without a button, my zipper is almost always either down, or on the way down. I would estimate that I have probably handed out around 1,000 coffees with my zipper completely down.


Margaret said...

Don't even pretend you don't like the pants with the faulty zipper. You're going to miss those pants.

anitajava said...

ha ha... lingering fart in a musty basement!

you should consider mcdonalds. they give you free uniforms, that don't smell like stale fart, and their coffee is better :)

I Know Right? said...

it wouldnt be so bothersome if they were say, your favorite pair of pants, but workpants? dude, i dont know. i use a blet on my favorite shorts whose zipper is sqirly. seems to work ok

Anonymous said...

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