Thursday, January 3, 2008

leather face/ex-wife

I worked with The Sensible Skinhead last night. His whole left arm is now tattooed.

"Is that new?" I asked. I couldn't help from asking. It looked like a horror movie poster on his arm - big stitches and mutilated faces all over the place.

He turned over his arm. "This is supposed to be a cross between an ex-wife and leather face," he said, pointing at the disfigured and bloody face. "It turned out really well."

"Have you been thinking about doing this for awhile?"

"Well," he said. "This guy from California, Eggroll, just tattoos me while we watch TV. He has won awards all over the world for tattooing."

"Why did Eggroll move to Michigan?"

"Oh, he lost his license in California," The Sensible Skinhead said. "And you don't need a license here."


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