Wednesday, January 9, 2008

unmarked van is a-rockin'

When I came into work the other day - grumpy and angry because I had to work - one of the daytime girls got all up in my grill, as she calls it.

"Guess what gangsta?" said the daytime girl, who, on a side note, is a very tiny, teenage white girl.


"You don't have to be so mean, geeze, but I will tell you, anyway. There was like this white unmarked van sitting in the parking lot for like a whole hour. And no one from inside the van came in and ordered anything, then, a lady got out of the van to use our bathroom. Then the van just like drove off."

"So you think that they were doing some hard-core banging in the van?" I asked.

"God, like why do you have to put it that way? But yeah, I do. Gross, huh?"

"Everybody has urges, you know? And I'm glad the Tim Horton's parking lot can provide a safe haven for those urges."

"Like, totally, gross."

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