Saturday, January 5, 2008

the staff is a-changin'

So there is a new Kohls opening near Tim Hortons and a bunch of the daytime girls are applying. It's very hush, hush. Don't tell The Mundane Mundane.

Well, the other day one of the daytime girls told Zen Buddha that she should apply.

"Like totally, you should apply, Zen Buddha."

"Kohls, no way, I can't apply at Kohls," ZB replies.

"Like yes you can. You just go online and apply."

"I know how to apply, but they won't hire me."

"Like why?"

"Well, I am not even allowed in the Kohls' parking lot because I got caught stealing a bunch of stuff there last year. Kohls' security people took my mugshot and if they catch me in the store, or even near the store I could get in hella trouble."

"Like wow, Zen Buddha. You's a gangsta."

"Yeah, I have sneaked into Kohl's a couple times since, but I didn't buy, or steal anything."

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