Thursday, January 3, 2008

more about the sensible skinhead

I have always sort of been on the fence about whether or not The Sensible Skinhead is good person. Yeah, he has been to jail, but that doesn't necessarily define his goodness, or badness.

A good person according to Doctor Donut: 1. Someone who doesn't maliciously lie to their friends 2. Is generally nice to others, unless provoked otherwise 3. Isn't completely engulfed by pop culture.

Here are some of The Sensible Skinhead traits, you can decide what type of person he is:
1. Always comes into work pissed-off, but lightens up as the night goes on.
2. Lies to impress co-workers. For example, tells Buddha Baker he has been 2 years sober and then tells me he went out drinking last night.
3. Strippers come to visit him at Tim Hortons to show off their new boob jobs.
4. Talks on one of those tiny cell phone attachments that go in your ear all night.
5. Went to go see "I Am Legend," but didn't know anything about "Sweeney Todd."
6. Sends me text message images of naked women.
7. Can perfectly impersonate any voice and recite large chunks of dialogue from movies and TV.

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