Sunday, January 6, 2008

little help from my commercials

I was watching TV, as I sometimes do to get my mind off the bitter realities of order-taking at Tims. Specifically, I was watching a basketball game and if you have ever indulged in a hard-fought b-ball game on the old tube then you know that there are a lot of breaks in the action, a lot of commercials, people.

During every interruption there was a commercial for Tim Hortons. At first, I walked out of the room when these babies came on because I felt like I was ODing on Tim Hortons. I mean, watching a Tim Horton's commercial for me, is kind of like watching commercials about the strength of rope after your next door neighbor just hung your favorite cat - Mittens - with rope, which is not cool, not cool.

But around the third quarter I started to get lazy. I remained on the couch watching these commercials, which I realized were all about the Bagel BELT. I reflected back to an old blog that I had written about how only mental-challenged people ordered the Bagel BELT.

In the commercial, a shot of bacon showed up on the screen and the announcer said "B." Then egg, "E." Then lettuce, "L." Then tomato, "T." Was this Sesame Street, or a Tim Horton's commercial? The announcer then explained that the Bagel BELT is just like a regular BLT, but with an "E," with means egg.

So, the target audience for these commercials is either people who live in a half-way house, or can't read - maybe both. I can't wait until all of our new customers come through the drive-thru trying to learn their ABCs while ordering the Bagel BELT. Great, just great.

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Katrina said...

haha thats funny. and totally true. me and my coworkers find it even funnier when they ask " oh it comes on a bagel?" lol