Thursday, September 20, 2007

baby girl

When I went into work Tuesday night the Sensible Skinhead was there. He didn't have to work. He was just there - such a suck-up. It got worse when he opened his mouth. He kept saying to me, "You're making baby girl bake? Why are you making baby girl bake? I never make baby girl bake."

OK, let's get a couple things straight. First, baby girl is Zen Buddha - niece to The Buddha Baker. Zen Buddha, or baby girl, got hired in at the same time as the Sensible Skinhead and I. The difference between me and those two is that they both work five, or six days a week. I work two, sometimes three.

They both have baked plenty of times - even though The Sensible Skinhead says he never makes Zen Buddha bake, she knows what she is doing because The Buddha Baker has taught her niece well.

If I baked, then everything won't get made. The Timbits and half the donuts won't get made. Who wants to walk into a Tim Hortons with no Timbits and half the donuts made? I don't. Tim Hortons without its Timbits and donuts is like a porn site without nudity.

So, yes, I made baby girl bake and The Sensible Skinhead needs to get a hobby, besides shaving his head and hanging out a Tim Hortons when he isn't scheduled to work.

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