Tuesday, September 11, 2007

fog blog

A couple of days ago it was extremely foggy outside all night, so every time a customer came through the drive-through I would end the transaction by saying, "good luck out there." Most people appreciated this sentiment on the night of the fog, and for some reason I liked ending my transactions that way, so I have stuck with it.

I feel like customers need to hear it - "good luck out there" - if their job is so shitty that they have to get up before 5 a.m. The best part about the saying is that some of the really macho dudes that come through get really offended by me saying this because they don't need luck; instead, they have testosterone.

I actually had a dude flick me off the other night because I told him "good luck out there," but most of the macho dudes just tell me that "they don't need luck" and then peel off. In my opinion, if a dude can't handle hearing "good luck" than he has some sort of complex and it has to do with the size of his penis.

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