Friday, September 7, 2007


Of course, my favorite thing to do at Tim Hortons is to frazzle annoying customers, but I have a confession to make about my second favorite thing to do at work.

Every night I mop the floors, which includes both the men and women's bathroom. In the bathrooms (also in the dining area) we play oldies music. We don't play just any Dick Clark lame collection either, we play some pretty badass oldies - Santo & Johnny, The Flamingos, Question Mark and the Mysterians, T. Rex, Bob Dylan, Broker T & The M.G's, Etta James, etc., etc.

And every night while I am mopping the floors in the bathroom I pause, take off my headset and just dance to a whole song in each bathroom. There is nothing better than just letting it all hang out to some badass oldies tune with a mop in your hand and a uniform on your back while staring at yourself in the mirror acting crazy.

When I'm really shaking it down in the Tim Hortons' bathroom the stress of the lonely housewives, who order 6 ice caps, and the anal business men, who order a cafe mocha with half regular coffee and other with decaf, goes away - no customer exists, money isn't a problem and I don't have any late-night checklist to follow.

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