Tuesday, September 4, 2007

killer mosquito

Some of the drive-thru customers may have thought I was practicing Karate this morning, but in fact, there was a kamikaze mosquito that just wouldn't die. The devil-worshiping insect repeatedly dive-bombed into my hairnet and ear. This left me itchy, agitated and thirsty for revenge.

I had the bugger in my sites a few times, but each time that I had the killer mosquito in the cross hairs another customer would ring-in at the drive-thru and I would have to fill the order.

It should be mentioned that I was forced to work at the Tim Hortons in, let's say Springfield, which is across town from the one that I usually work at last night. Apparently, the Springfield Tim Hortons has double the customers and to compensate for the larger number of customers the workers only do about half the cleaning.

Whenever I fast-food restaurant (I don't care what you say, Tim Hortons is fast-food. Our coffee is just better than burger joints) doesn't keep up on it's cleaning the bugs come. I haven't had any major problems with bugs at the regular Tim Hortons that I work at, but the Springfield store had ants and killer mosquitoes, so my advice for all you Tim Hortons lovers out there: Go to the most out-of-the-way Tim Hortons because as the service may be slower the inside of the store will be cleaner. Those heavy traffic Tim Hortons are dirty, my people.

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