Saturday, September 8, 2007

you're wrong, litte miss thang

I always dread working the midnight shift on Thursday because Friday morning is absolutely crazy with stupid customers, but I worked Thursday night last week. On Friday morning, business men order four dozens donuts to bring into the office and strung-out postal workers flip-out when we accidental put three creams in their coffee, instead of three-and-half - whatever, man, whatever.

But the worst customer was this lady, who looked to be a secretary, that came through the drive-through and ordered a muffin and coffee, which is a perfectly fine order, but the problem was during the money transaction. She handed me a five and then I gave her back her change. As I was handing her her muffin she announced that she had given me a twenty and not a five. She was wrong, but I told her I that I would entertain the thought and checked the register. She was wrong. We only had three twenties in the till and I could remember the three customers that the twenties came from. She wasn't one of the three.

Of course, the lady threw a royal fit and asked to see my manager. I calmly told her, with a smile on my face, that my manager didn't come in for another hour and that I could give her my manager's cell phone, so that she could wake up my manager and bother her at home.

For some reason, the secretary lady didn't want my manager's cell phone number, which I would have been happy to give her; instead, she informed me that I hadn't seen the last of her, which I replied, "great, we always like our customers to come again, and come often."

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