Sunday, September 2, 2007

crazy little kids

So I finished off my second morning shift for the week today and I found more reasons to hate the morning shift. The most blaring annoyance came as a result of an abundance of crazy little kids in the dining area.

First of all this family - mom, dad and two little ones - came in and started demanding breakfast sandwiches as if the family, as a whole, wasn't fat enough. This wasn't a big deal because I have gotten used to fat people demanding breakfast sandwiches. It's just part of what you sign-up for if you work at Tim Hortons. I could start a whole new blog about the fat people getting their suspenders in a bunch about the breakfast sandwiches, but I won't go there.

Anyway, the problem came when the foursome sat down with their food. The problem was that the two little ones didn't sit down; instead, the roamed around the dining area looking for anything that they could displace while their parents just thought it was the funniest thing since the Borat movie.

Their kids opened a cabinet in our display area and started pulling out travel mugs and placing them randomly around the dining area - hilarious. Then the little ones moved on to the coffee canisters and did the same - absolutely amusing.

The best part of the whole ordeal is that the parents made no attempt to put back the displaced items, rather they just informed me, as they were leaving, that we shouldn't leave stuff out for their kids to move around - thanks for the heads up, assholes.

(There will be a part 2 of the "crazy little kids" blog tomorrow)

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