Friday, September 21, 2007

a little change is needed

Occasionally, yes, I'll admit, I do mess up and give people the wrong change back - forgot a nickel here, not enough pennies there. After I realize my mistake - or the customer alerts me - I say, "sorry," I fix the problem, boom, we move on, next order.

Last night I shorted this business-type a quarter, the most prized coin in American currency, while we were slammed with customers. I didn't realize my mistake, so the this guy had to two options: Forget about it and get to work, or alert me. Of course, he decided on the latter.

Not only did he decide on the latter, but he alerted me in probably the rudest way possible: he laid in on his car horn. If that wasn't enough, his next move confirmed that this guy was a complete dick. He held out the change that I had already given him in silence, so that I could figure out for myself that I shorted him a quarter.

The silence was what really bothered me. I mean, at least, he could have told me that he was penny-pinching dickwad with no concept of manners, but no, he had to keep quiet about it. He needed to make me feel foolish, so that he can feel superior to me - a tormented, poor Tim Hortons' employee. Party on, dickwad.

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