Thursday, September 6, 2007

the doors won't lock

So last night we couldn't find the keys to lock the doors, so we were forced to leave dining area open all night. I have heard they keep the doors open all night at the some 24-hour Tim Hortons, but in the surrounding where I work robberies are somewhat commonplace , so we lock the doors at night.

A lot of shady characters come through late at night: strip club customers, strippers, truck drivers and drug dealers. All night, I heard yelling noises and I swore that I saw I people's faces in the store front windows more than a couple times. Basically, if ever there was I night that I would try to recapture in a horror movie it would have been last night when we couldn't lock the doors.

Alas, no one tried to come in, and on second thought: I am starting to think that I over-reacted to the situation and I kind of feel like a pansy. I have to go back into work in like half-an-hour and I kind of hope that we don't have the key again tonight and some grizzly trucker, strung-out stripper, or hopeless bottle-collector comes in. I mean, at least tomorrow's blog we be extra exciting.

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