Sunday, September 9, 2007

rabies update

There is some good news, and with that comes some bad news concerning whether or not The Buddha Baker has rabies. First, the good: The Buddha Baker has not been foaming at the mouth, or sporadically having fits of rage - both good signs. Also, there has not been complaints from customers claiming to have contracted rabies due to an infected muffin, or donut that they munched on at the Tim Hortons that The Buddha Baker and I work at.

Unfortunately, the bad news out weighs the good. The most startling revelation is that the baby kittie that bite The Buddha Baker has disappeared along with momma kittie from behind the store. So either the cats died from rabies, died from another cause - hit by car, eaten by raccoon, etc., etc. - or they have found a home.

The other glaring case of bad news is that The Buddha Baker has not gone to see a doctor (besides me Doctor Donut) to check, double-check if she has the crazy animal disease. In my opinion, she might want to see a real doctor because I am only a self-proclaimed doctor of donuts. The only thing I have ever prescribed were more sprinkles.

I haven't started my campaign to raise money to save The Buddha Baker's life, yet, for one reason: The Buddha Baker smokes Newport 100s. I have heard that there is fiber glass in those cigarettes and Newports might be a better medicine than anything some real doctor could prescribe. Newports will kill off anything in The Buddha Baker's body including her lungs and rabies.

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