Wednesday, September 19, 2007

taking the edge off

So, before going into work last night I decided to take the edge off a bit and had a some red wine. It felt good to have a nice buzz, to be breaking the rules because I work with so many suck-ups. My co-workers, who are all deathly afraid of being written-up, rubbed off on me and made me paranoid - but no more.

I actually had a decent time at work last night because I had conversations with the drive-through stoners. I took an hour-and-half break to read some stories in The New Yorker. I gave some kid a half-off discount after he told me that he had been driving around egging houses.

Yeah, my Mundane Manager yelled at me in the morning because I hadn't shaved, but what can I expect? I'm working in a "Hell Hole" - think the Spinal Tap tune.

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