Monday, September 10, 2007

high school reunion, yay!

Working at Tim Hortons is only like one notch above working at McDonalds, so it's embarrassing when someone that I went to high school comes through the drive-through. This has only happened once, but that was enough. I masked my embarrassment by being rude to my old high school classmate (notice that I keep referring to him as a "classmate," and not a "friend" because we never were friends and never will be after our encounter at Tim Hortons.

Any who, I played soccer with this guy that ordered around 4:30 a.m. the other night. When he pulled up I immediately recognized him - he still has that inane grin and block-head haircut from high school - but hoped that he, let's call him Prickly Pete, wouldn't remember me.

Alas, the first words of out of Prickly Pete's mouth were, "Hey, uh, don't I, uh, know you from somewhere?"

"Did you say that you wanted two, or three creams in your coffee?" I quickly retorted hoping to change the subject and speed up the transaction.

"We played soccer together, yeah, that's how I know you. How's it going, bro?"

"Pretty shitty," I replied, then something came out of my mouth from pure habit, "So, what have you been up to?"

"Oh, you know, I have been working a lot," said Prickly Pete. "And I have been going to church."

I pounced on this statement. "Geeze, bro, I am sorry to hear that because there is no god. Haven't you learned anything since high school? Oh, and hey, there is a car waiting behind you, so I guess I will catch you on the flip-side, bro."

Prickly Pete pulled away with his mouth so wide open a whole clan of killer mosquitoes could have flown in. I kind of hope at least one did.

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