Sunday, September 30, 2007


One nice thing about the drive-through is that semi-trucks won't fit. Business would be overwhelming and stupid if truckers could pull-through. I don't have anything against truckers I just don't like customers.

The other night I had some crafty truckers order. I guess they weren't that crafty; they just parked their trucks at a near-by Wal-Mart and started banging on the window.

Maybe I have seen too many horror movies, but when I first saw these two truckers I began to panic. What would you do if you saw two large men wearing flannel shirts, banging on the window, yelling inaudible things in the rain? Me, I grabbed the sharpest bagel cutter and kept it close by, but out of sight from the truckers.

The truckers turned out to be two of the nicest customers I had all night, but I will tell you what: if some crazy dude reaches for my neck, or starts up a chainsaw in the drive-through I will start cutting some fingers and ears off stat.

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